Infant and Toddler

Our primary focus is on providing a safe environment that promotes in each child a sense of security, well being and development of basic trust. Each child is assigned to a specific caregiver who is responsible for daily care and needs within the group. When caregivers create an atmosphere of caring and trust, children develop and experience positive feelings about themselves. They feel safe and secure which frees them to explore and learn about the people and objects around them.

The teachers and assistants establish and maintain a learning environment which involves:

  • Organizing indoor and outdoor areas which encourage play and exploration
  • Selecting and arranging appropriate materials and equipment that foster growth and learning in all areas of development; motor-, Social-, Language-, and Cognitive-.
  • Planning and implementing a schedule and routines that respond to the needs of children under 2 ½ years.

A calendar of activities and themes is sent home monthly and a log sheet informing parents about the child’s day is sent home daily.

During the nice weather the class takes stroller/ buggy rides around the neighborhood and the teacher talks to the children and explains what they are seeing.

Teachers talk to children when they are being changed and constantly throughout the day, giving children the vocabulary to explain what they are seeing, hearing, touching and tasting.